"We bought a vineyard by mistake..."

Anna and Tim Arrowsmith moved to California from England in 2014 after Tim had bought Anna a vacation in California for her 40th birthday. They decided after just two days they wanted to live in this sunshine, drink these drinks, eat these foods and enjoy living alongside the friendly people of California.

Anna had a career as an international award-winning adult film maker under the name Anna Span, after which she studied for a PhD, and taught Gender Studies at UCSB. Tim is a businessman and part-time PhD student, writing on the history of motorcycle clothing and culture in the UK between 1950-1970.

Now they both make wine with Bordeaux varietal grapes grown at their small ranch in Solvang. Anna calls her bar “my front room on the high street - the whole point of this bar is to bring people together to enjoy each other’s company, to meet each other and to build new friendships".

Anna and Tim have carefully selected the best food and drink to accompany this personal ambition, and have kept the prices accessible in order to create a place for all folk to pass by, both locals or visitors alike.

Whether it be for coffee or wine, for lunch or just for a quick beer, all these can be done next to each other, any time, all in the same place, Arrowsmith’s, just like the bars Anna and Tim enjoyed in their travels all over Europe.